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"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." #ukok #bettertogether

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Sometimes miracles do happen.


Stalls are obviously a great thing. People can come and ask questions, collect Yes merchandise or aggressively abuse us.

But when you actually get a chance to reply to anyone being aggressive it tends to be in vain. Except for today.

"Salmond is going to plunge us into debt and the EU will…

Anonymous asked:
No, not you too. Why would you vote yes?


Because I care about my country and want us to be in charge of our own affairs.

Because I don’t want to be ruled by a Tory government in Westminster that the VAST majority of Scotland didn’t vote for.

Because I care about the NHS and am terrified of the same budget cuts and privatisation that’s occuring in England being imposed on us (yes I know the NHS is a devolved power, but our budget is set by Westminster and they’re extremely slash happy). 

Because I care about free prescriptions and care for the elderly.

Because I hate having nuclear weapons (something the VAST majority of Scotland doesn’t want) parked on our doorstep.

Because foodbank numbers have skyrocketed in this country and Westminster continues to practice austerity.

Because English politics is becoming more and more right wing and UKIP are on the rise down there, resulting in Scotland’s much more left-wing voice being utterly drowned out.

Because Glasgow has the lowest life-expectancy in western Europe and Westminster literally could not give less of a shit about that.

Did you miss the part where we have a government we DIDN’T VOTE FOR imposed on us? Did you vote Conservative in the last election?  Did you support the Bedroom Tax?  I can go further back; do you remember the Poll Tax?  Thatcher?  Scotland sure as hell does!

Look, I have nothing against England, I have many, many friends and a lot of family who live there.  But I am not prepared to sit idly by and watch Westminster bleed us dry while driving us more and more into poverty and despair with their policies of tax breaks for the rich, austerity, and toxic right wing ideology.

Clear enough for you?      

Hear hear.


So we need nuclear bombs in Scotland…………….

For anyone planning to vote No in September, you have to be completely certain, beyond any doubt, that you are comfortable with the direction the UK is headed. You have to accept that the wider UK political landscape is being shaped by the far right, and that the mainstream parties (ostensibly the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats) are being inexorably pulled ever rightwards in the scramble for votes. You have to be comfortable with the marginalisation and victimisation of the poor, with the dismantling of the Welfare State, the widening of wealth inequality between rich and poor, and the continuing erosion of workers rights. You have to accept that nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers are more important to you than education, healthcare and welfare for the elderly and vulnerable in society. You have to accept that, even if you do care about these things, your vote at Westminster will make no difference to the outcome. If you accept all these things unquestioningly; if you can reconcile your personal politics with what awaits a No vote; if you can consider all of these issues and conclude that a Westminster government can deliver the kind of society you believe in; then by all means vote No. But if you sleepwalk into this referendum, without making any effort to consider the case for Yes; if you squander this incredible opportunity to transform our politics, reclaim democracy, and build a society we can once again be proud of; then I can only hope that, when the full calamity of your decision is revealed to you, you can come to terms with your choice.
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  • baby: d- dd- d-
  • father: daddy?
  • baby: Despite what No supporters might claim, a vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP. A vote for independence is a vote for a fairer, more democratic Scotland. I do not want to live in a Scotland ruled by Westminster. I want to live in a Scotland with a Parliament elected entirely by the people of Scotland, so decisions will be made by people who are concerned the most about the interests of Scotland. Independence means an end to policies and programmes not wanted by the Scottish people such as the bedroom tax and Trident. Please vote YES.
The saddest thing is that JK Rowling who, like so many others, had the welfare state as a safety net while she was writing, has now contributed to the campaign that wants to dismantle it


After a visit to #yesscotland HQ in Edinburgh today, me and @ijanuskevic are decorating #voteyes #indyref #Scotland #scottishindependence #yes #bairnsnotbombs